CBJ Global, stylized c::bj, is an AI boutique that leverages cutting-edge machine learning to engage in trading and asset management both domestically and offshore. With a particular focus on developing nations in South and East Asia, c::bj provides a means by which investors of any capacity can participate in the globalized economy.

Sitting at the forefront of machine learning research only paces away from UC Berkeley, our portfolio optimization and trading algorithms have grown to be strangely intelligent, responsive, and entirely automated. Private investors interested in active wealth management services will enjoy our proprietary meta ensemble technology—a scalable revenue engine achieving competitively low levels of volatility by hedging data, algorithms, and assets.

For casual investors and institutions interested in tracking and contributing to maturing exotic markets, we offer cl::j (Jack of Clubs), an intelligent, self-calibrating exchange traded fund. cl::j indexes and comfortably exceeds the returns enjoyed by financial markets of developing economies, such as the Shanghai and Bombay stock exchanges. This service is offered commission-free, allowing virtually anyone the opportunity to place a wager on the international marketplace without exposure to riskier active management alternatives.

The heterogeneous skills and aptitudes represented at c::bj—public policy, biotechnology, computer science, economics, pure mathematics, statistics, and more—stand to address the belief that innovation lies at the intersection of disciplines. Our goal is to connect the international marketplace, bridging the gap between machine intelligence and finance in the process.

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